Criminal Lawyers at Ishtiaq Law Associates stand out because of their ability to stop a case before it gets started. Their commitment, preparation and tenacity set them apart.
Ishtiaq Law Associates is a strong firm. Its various departments work in harmony and deliver the same high-quality work. This Law Firm deal with criminal matters before and out of the law courts in Pakistan and other Countries of the World.
Ishtiaq Law Associates represent the clients from either side, victim or defense, before International Criminal Court at Hague Netherlands.
Our criminal lawyers are highly sophisticated, astute and supportive. We are particularly well known for our skill in providing strategic advice and for our ability to keep high profile cases out of the public eye.
We enjoy an excellent international reputation as our work increasingly involves investigations in multiple jurisdictions. Such cases require a sophisticated understanding of foreign law and practice and its impact in the Pakistan. We have developed a network of lawyers around the world with whom we work.
They are determined to do the best for their clients at all times and leave absolutely no stone unturned. It is a brilliant Criminal Law Firm.