Ishtiaq Law Associates has over 20 years of combined experience in a very complex area of law. We offer clients the confidence that their cases will be handled professionally, applying knowledge of the law to the particular facts of each case.  While most of our clients are from Europe, USA, Canada, UK and Pakistan. We represent people who live throughout these Countries and around the world.  No matter where you live, we can help with your immigration petition or application.  
Only an immigration law firm that understands the complexity of the relevant law and regulations can provide the knowledge necessary to present your case with the greatest chances of success. The attorneys at Ishtiaq Law Associates have represented clients before UK, European, Canada immigration court, federal courts, and other federal agencies concerned with immigration. Consistent communication between attorney and client is crucial to the way we present your case.
Immigration law is a rapidly changing area of the law. This change will impact the lives of millions of immigrants and their families in these Countries. The attorneys at Ishtiaq Law Associates participate in many national and international networks, assuring access to legal and policy changes that make a difference in a client's case.
Ishtiaq Law Associates has supported immigrant communities throughout Europe for many years. We advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and other ways to bring about a more humane and rational immigration system. We know how important each immigration case is to your family and your community. We always try to balance a full understanding of complex, difficult law with compassion and respect for our clients and their families.